VPN Unlimited iphone app review

Have you faced privacy issues while surfing the net? Are you tired of being followed by various administration hackers and departments’ attempts to get into your data?

There is a solution of all these issues. Make use of a VPN and remove of annoying snoopers. VPN you will get a chance to make all your internet activities private and keep your data forever safe.

Anyway, it is forever a perennial dilemma to choose a perfect VPN provider. Generally, this process takes lots of efforts and time, thus we provide you to keep your valuable hours and always look at VPN unlimited. This service provider has big helpful specs which can please your requirements and make your online life safer and easier.

VPN Unlimited iPhone app advantages

Multiple connections

The largest feature is that they give multiple connections. They permit you to link with more than single device at a time. When you have the full family using the internet through different gadgets, be it personal computers and mobile gadgets, this multiple link attribute is going to be truly handy. If you have so many devices, you will find this spec very amazing.

Five connections per account

At a time, you can have five connections. Most of the VPN services permits you two connections. So, this has to be one of the largest spec from their side.

Data logging

Privacy is truly vital as this is one of the big factors why we decide on VPN services. So, it is vital to make sure that nobody looks into your internet activity. There are never logging or track your online activity. Or in other words, your anonymity will be promised.


When you have a larger bandwidth, you will have a smoother link. So, it is vital to ensure that the firm does not have unreasonable bandwidth restricts in place. In simple words, they don’t have bandwidth restrictions. They give unlimited bandwidth to their clients. You can download or stream content without the danger of restriction bandwidth.

Privacy and security

Security and privacy are the most vital aspects when it comes to a VPN service. As confirmed before, they give amazing privacy as they don’t follow your internet activities. Now, talking of security, they give the best security. They give 256-bit encryption like other firms in the business. As for base encryption, I guess it is 128-bit. It is not bad, buy you can actually do better.