Opera Free VPN iphone app review

It is general knowledge that Firefox and Chrome are the browsers of choice for most online users. Today we would like to discuss another website browser that is by no means a little-time service, and has been around for a while in the industry – Opera. This is a very user friendly browser and packs with a lots of amazing specs under the hood.

Opera browser is presented as a secure, quick, simple to use browser. After checking it out, we found that it is more than that, it provides some security specs such as a connection and free VPN iphone app solution.

iOS Mobile Application

The iOS VPN application uses IPSec with VPS iOS built-in. When you register to apply the service they are not requesting for an e-mail ID or any type or identity confirmation, the credentials are randomly produced.

The app is easy providing almost the same spec as the browser add-on. The difference is that you have a block trackers/ads spec which you can turn off and on.

This spec also has a counter showing how many advertisements have been clocked during the browsing.  The speed on the mobile application was very perfect, smooth browsing; there were no link delays or problems.

It is also value nothing that iOS VPN re-connects mechanically even if you replace the network and we were happy to notice that it has been linked to the VPN for many days, even after switching 3G and WiFi networks multiple times.

Here are the best reasons you should install the free VPN iPhone app right now:

Pandora at work

Many college campuses and firms block user access to certain websites, which is understandable form a productivity and security perspective, but annoying form a cannot listen-to-my-Pandora-stations prospective.

For the reason that opera VPN routes your online traffic through a unique server, it permits you to bypass these types of sites limitations and content-blocking.

Likewise, it supports you overcome regional restrictions. For instance, if you are traveling overseas and want to right of entry a streaming service account back home in the United States, that is unavailable while abroad, you had configure VPN Opera to link to a USA-based server.

No more ads

If you are worried of ads cluttering up your cell phone browser, Opera VPN can stop them and not only in Safari but also in Google chrome and other applications. That spec too, is permitted by default.

We are very happy with this spec, they provide, for a free service with no detail needed to register.