How Purevpn Work

PureVPN is a famous Hong Kong based VPN service provider that supplies customers across six continuants with over 80,000 IP addresses that they can use to safety link to the internet and access their favorite site and internet applications through 500+ VPN servers internationally. The firm started out when GZ system experimented on the specs and capability of a personal VPN service in November 2006. Their purpose was to unblock limited sites on certain places where online censorship was implemented. PureVPN was started in 2007 by its creator Uzair Gadit. They were the primary firm to provide personal VPN services to the public. How PureVPN Works pure-vpn-features PureVPN is committed to protect your privacy when using internet. It offers simple to install apps that you can use for your gadgets that work on the iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, window and other platforms. These applications will permit you to link to your PureVPN service, so that you can take benefit of the highly secured data encryption and difficult protocols that you can use to save you against government surveillance, cybercriminals, and data thieves. PureVPN permits you unlimited link to its 450+ servers internationally. It also lets you select from different protocols (PPTP, SSL based VPN, LT2TP/IPSec) to satisfy your security needs. These encryptions and protocols permit you to bypass limitations and censorship that are implemented in your place, so that you can enjoy all the freedom that the internet can offer. Advantages of PureVPN PureVPN permits you to stay nameless and protects your online identity to save you from various naughty elements that roams the internet every day. It keeps your searching history untraceable and saves your identity by changing your IP address with their 80,000 readily accessible PureVPN IP addresses in over 450 servers internationally. Coupon Code PureVPN prodives discount coupon codes for everyone, which will save you a lot. Logging and privacy PureVPN gets users personal identifiable information like phone number, name, address. They state that they don’t log user’s internet activity but only the access to their service (VPN session duration, connection IP address, amount of data transferred). Anyway, they don’t say for how long they keep this data. It emerges that in the past, they were declared to keep these logs for five days, but the time was deleted from their terms and condition page. Support PureVPN offers 24/7 support through online chat and ticketing. We tried the internet chat and the support operator was supportive, addressing our problems in a timely manner. They also have an online forum.