How to set up vyprvpn on iphone

If you want to install the vyprvpn on your iphone, you can skip the manual and then disconnect or connect the vyprvpn using the available app with just one swipe. You can filter according to the region or to the country and then you may add the VPN server on the favorite to get easy access.  You can then ping at the servers in order to find which the fastest server is. You can view the server location using the IP address. You can reconnect automatically to the VPN if you are dropped.

If you want to use the manual system, then you can vyprvpn

  • Tap the settings and then got the application and tap at the General
  • Go the network
  • Tap at the VPN
  • Tap at add the VPN configuration
  • Tap on the PPTP
  • You should enter the needed information, for the description tap  at vyprvpn, for the server enter the server hostname using the 3rd step, then decide on the username and the password.
  • For enabling the vyprvpn coupon code, you should launch at the  settings application
  • Under a VPN, then you can swipe the toggle so that it may be on the on position.


You should then configure and connect it.

After connecting the vyprvpn, you will get access to the following features among others.

The server offers unlimited access, contrary to other VPN that says that you get unlimited access and in the end they limit you, the vyprvpn will never limit you and the server does not have any restrictions, no download caps or the server switching fee.  The vyprvpn defeats the throttling if you connect to the VyprvVPN, the ISP will only be able to see the encrypted traffic, the unrestricted internet speed for Hulu, YouTube and Netflix.

The app is based on multiple protocols. The vyprvpn may open as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN or as a chameleon.  This means that you are free to choose the level of the encryptions you like most, the protection and the speed. The chameleon is known to defeat the VPN blocking since the Chameleon technology uses the unmodified OpenVPN  with 256 bit protocol and it scrambles metadata in order to prevent the VPN blocking, throttling and DPI.

The vyprvpn has Zero knowledge DNS and it is known as Golden Frog and it is based on its own DNS which is available completely on the vyprVPN users. You can reclaim the privacy and then defeat the censorship around the entire world.

The app uses the NAT firewall in order to achieve even more security. The NAT firewall offer the extra layer for security for the vyprvpn connection and it offers more protection on the router or on the mobile device. The app offers the help for 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days in a year.  You can contact them using the live chat or email anytime of the day.  The app is able to integrate in a seamless manner with different services or application and they include the Feat, Viscocity and the Boxee VPN.